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Central Texas RW - Americanism

What has Central Texas RW done to celebrate and embrace Americanism?

  • Supporting our troops and Veterans

  • Present a program on the Constitution and observe Flag Protocol

  • Community Service and Involvement

CTRW Member Political Activities

     Republican Women are the "heartbeat" of the Party here and across the great state of Texas. One of our goals in Central Texas RW is for women to be informed, engaged, and empowered to converse in political conversations and even run for office as a candidate. Perhaps you have seen or been involved in one of the many political activities.

     Did you know that we, the Central Texas RW, are the strongest when we cheer each other on? Yes, we are! Your contributions, phone calls, holding voter registrations, volunteering at the Republican Party Headquarters, serving as a Clerk or Judge in an election, serving as a Precinct Chair, going to meetings, attending political events such as Pints and Politics, and even talking to your next-door neighbor about the elections, it ALL matters; even if it’s small, it’s still a BIG WIN! Our strength, beliefs, commitment, excitement, and drive make a difference, leading to changes! When we combine our hours with all the clubs in Texas - wow!

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