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     Welcome to Central Texas Republican Women, PAC. The PAC stands for Political Action Committee. Membership is open to all Republicans, and we want to meet you, and we NEED YOU to help keep our great state of Texas RED.

Central Texas Republican Women Support Republican Values!

Central Texas Republican Women (CTRW) is a grassroots organization chartered in 1964 that works for and promotes Republican principles and candidates. We do this by working with Republican Party candidates, being informed politically, and promoting the effectiveness of Conservative Republican women in government.


Look around, and please consider being part of a vibrant and energized patriotic Bell County Texas Club with great activities planned throughout the year. Our goal is to engage and empower women to be involved in politics - locally and on the state scene. And, men and supporters, we have a membership level, so you can stay informed and be involved. 

What Do We Do...

  • Elect and support Conservative Republican Candidates and Elected Officials

  • Event Plan; Fundraise; Block-walk; Telephone Calls; Register Voters; Volunteer for GOP Teams; Campaign Sign Teams; Become Precinct Chairs; Get Out The Vote

  • EDUCATE and Train other Conservative Republicans

  • Give Back to the Community

  • ENCOURAGE Young Conservatives to be involved

  • ENGAGE and EMPOWER Women to be involved in politics at a local or state level.

President's Summer Message - CTRW

Janet Brown, President - CTRW

Friends, Let's all work together to help keep TEXAS RED!

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Central Texas RW Community what are your summer plans? Central Texas Republican Women, we hope you enjoy the June and July Summer break. This is an exciting time for you to focus on family, personal growth, and learning, and we can't wait to see the new perspectives and ideas you bring back in August. Please mark your calendar for another great featured speaker at our Monthly Meeting on August 19, 2024, as we prepare for Election 2024. Over the next few months, Central Texas RW will offer several community gatherings, such as coffee and informative seminars, and an opportunity to decorate or ride the float in the Belton 4th of July Parade. Maybe your plans involve registering voters or helping one of our many Republican Candidates create relationships in preparation for November. Say, "YES!", 'Summer opportunities are plentiful and cater to various interests. This summer break will offer many opportunities to expand your network and make new friends with like-minded individuals. I hope to see you at any of these CTRW gatherings. Above all, remember to Encourage, Empower, and Engage the Republican community as each of you works to keep Bell County and Texas Red. Janet Brown, President Central Texas RW

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Save The Date
Red Roof Community Engagement

Off The Rails Wine Bar
Thursday, July 25, 2024
6 pm - 9 pm

Enjoy fabulous wines and conversation with like-minded Conservatives as we gather to support one of our local small businesses. We know giving back to our community is essential, so let's have some fun while supporting one of our vital local businesses.

Invite your friends to the July 25th Central Texas RW Red Roof Connections Meetup at Off The Rails Wine Bar in Belton, TX. The event is free to attend, and Off the Rails has a fantastic snack and wine list for purchase.

Whether you are a newcomer to Bell County or a seasoned resident, you should join us!

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